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Swiss Health Resort recommends our home grown therapy method Swama
Aquatic Physical Therapy dissolves pain and discomfort while enhancing well-being effectively
The cost for a one hour treatment is $120 (Discounts)
which includes pool use for half an hour before and after the treatment for recipients not staying at the resort
For additional pool use there is a reduced daily fee of $10

  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Induces a deep state of relaxation
  • Enhances blood and lymphatic flow
  • Improves mobility, frees up joint range
  • Activates healing neuro-pathways
  • Promotes regenerative processes
  • Restores and enhances vitality
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  • Stress symptoms, sleep disorders, tensions
  • Myofascial pain , fibromyalgia, joint pain
  • Arthritis, degenerative diseases, stiffness
  • Burnout, emotional distress, psychosomatics
RESERVATIONS: 800-794-7743  or E-mail us
swama treatment
The Swama™method is a unique form of therapeutic soft tissue, myofascial and joint mobilization.

The recipient is comfortably suspended in natural mineral water at body temperature.
Gentle yet powerful and deep stretches open restricted areas and free contractures and adhesions. A new sense of freedom in movement and being emerges in the process.

Enhanced health and wellness typically occur even after one treatment. Multiple sessions in regular intervals deepen those results and are recommended.

Each applicatioin effects a deep re-organization of facial sheaths, as well as muscular and articular structures. Corrective and remedial processes occur naturally as holding pattern and tension melt away.

The experience of ease, expansion and comfort enrich a persons enjoyment of life.
Home Hiking Pools Spa Swama Rooms Specials Contact